Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My life so far

let's see, what have i done with my life so far..

almost 24 already, 2 cycles already.. that is really scary...Was born in 1981, 3rd child of the family.. youngest in the family for 7 years, so was very much doted by my mum and especially my dad.. plus was quite cute when i was young, my uncle used to call me xiao4hua1 (bella of the school, not little flower).. spent most of my childhood over at my grandma's place, coz my kindergarden and primary sch are near her place.. most of my aunts and uncles dote on me coz i was the cutest, u know, chubby cheeks, fair complexion, long hair and things like that.. plus my mum likes to dress me up :p hee

Till Primary 3, it's always school, then lunch over at ah ma's place, and then either do homework, or off to play :) there was me, my elder sis, my brother and several cousins.. plus most of my classmates live in the area.. there's no worries of having no one to play with.. we'll always go across the street to the playground.. run all over the block, take the lift up and down.. play hide and seek, zero point, catching, hopscotch.. then in the early evening, it'll be dinner plus tv time.. after dinner, my dad will come off from work and it's home we go, for more tv and stuff...Primary 1 to 3 was fun, i was a popular girl in sch :)

it's not a big school, the compound was a square field in the centre and classrooms surrounding the field.. there's only 2 classes for each level and the class size is only abt 30 plus.. but it was fun coz most of my classmates were my kindergarden friends, and most are living around the area.. Oh yah, my school is unique as in, it's only one storey tall, no stairs to climb and single session.. It was really like a kampung school.. we would get into the classroom by climbing the windows, my friends would climb trees, and when it rains, the corridors flood, so i'll go earthworm fishing (using a stick to fish out the wriggling earthworms..), other friends would go catch fish, catch insects and do all sorts of fun and exciting stuff..

as i mentioned, i was quite cute in class, and i was smart (1st position in pri1, 2nd position in pri 2 and 3.. in fact, i miss the 1st position by .05 in pri 3), and i was considered rich.. so i have alot of friends and i also have guys liking me.. but at that point of time, i dunno what it is to like a guy, to me they are jus friends and that's it.. i remembered i got my first love letter from this guy called ding ling, we were classmates from kindergarden till p3, 5 years wor.. he sent me this cheesy xmas card with the 3 words on it.. i was like.. yucks... also got a musical xmas card from another classmate, i knew he sorta liked me all along :p but i dun like him and i dun like his mum. (guess what, after not seeing each other for more than 10 years.. i actually met Ding Ling at Kallang kfc, was there with darren and his friends, when he recognised me, turned out he's actually darren's biking friend.. what a small world..)

After primary 3, my school closed down and i was transferred to a very good sch near my house.. it was a very big change to me, going from a place where i knew everyone to a place where i knew no one; and from a small school to one with 7 classes in each level, with 40+ students in each class.. i was so not used to the number of pple there are in the school.. and they have am/pm session which i really hated, coz that meant we had to share classroom with another class (cannot leave things under the table) and have to squeeze with alot alot of pple when off school (peak hours mah).. but i made some good friends, got along quite ok with my classmates, did well for my streaming (scored the highest in science for the whole level) and managed to get into EM1. my good friend in pri4 was serene and huiling.. they also jus live around the area, so i'll always go over their places after school to play..Got into the best EM1 class in pri 5 and 6 and gotta know my 7 sisters pals then.. Huijun, YunTian and YunZhen.. though not really close then.. but it was a start.. was very very good friends with SY and MY then.. we were the three musketeers, talks abt everything and our fav game was "odd one out".. but then relationships fade after we graduate.. i dun have contact with MY at all now, she had changed beyond recognition (maybe she feels the same way abt me too), and SY.. i dun wan to keep in contact with her coz she's too close to darren already.. there were in the same hrm class and got to become good friends.. talked abt alot of things, including their relationships.. i'm suprised at what SY did.. she used to be so conservative, she buttons her blouse all the way up.. and now, she's happily having sex with this guy that is not even her bf.. this two-timing guy that never wanted to commit to be her bf.. wtf is she doing?!?

Scored well for PSLE and got into another top school.. along with most of my classmates.. spent an unhappy 2 years in a class which is split up into many many small groups.. really dun like the class.. had a few good friends but all also never keep in contact already.. (in fact, 7 sisters is the only group of friends i keep in contact with.. all my other friends from sch, non-communo already... the other friends that i keep in contact with is my forum friends and a few ex-colleagues). then went on to sec 3 and i met my best buddy.. Yixuan.. also me, Tian and Jun ended up in the same class.. so the few of us, plus Xianhe, Ivan and Zhen sorta moved together and eventually became 7 sisters.. we all knew each other for like almost 10 years already.. those were the days, really had alot of fun, we went out alot, go shopping everywhere, hang out in orchard, bugis, tampines, kallang mac.. did all sorts of crazy stuff, like picking guys up.. that was really the time where we had alot alot of fun..

Soon Os came, didnt do too well, fucked up my english.. so went to TPJC where i spend another miserable 1 1/2 year.. i dun like the school.. but heng got a couple of nice classmates.. and we went and did even more crazy stuff, chasing idols.. it was silly, but darn fun at that time, doing all sorts of silly things to get the star's attention..after jc was the time where i got to know my first non-official bf (any relationship that last less than 3 months is unofficial).. that time it was the in-thing to play irc, icq.. gotta know alot of net friends since sec 3 and met dunno how many alreadi.. anyway met Ivan from MTV pager chat.. i cant really remember how it works but anyway knew him from there.. i found him interesting initially but then later realised that he's actually a big fat liar, so i think i dumped him on new year's day, were together for hardly a month.. dun really meet him that often also anyway..

Started work over at WhiteSands as reception, was there for abt 2 months, the job is really quite fun, get to see alot of things and know all the shop pple.. then after that started working for starhub.. That is one of the best jobs ever, it pays well and we get to play game and get to claim ot.. hee.. plus met alot of pple, including yingzhi and jason.. Yingzhi being a very good friend and Jason being my dear..When Jason first came to starhub.. i was like, that guy is cute.. but sadly he liked my other colleague and they got together.. not for long though, only a month.. but we were still very good friends, and he always come to me when he have problems.. even after we stopped working at starhub, after not keeping in contact for a very long time...

after starhub, i met Alan on irc, we went out and we sorta dated.. he had two other gfs at that time but he was cute, looks like tay ping hui, and does the sweetest talking.. so i was like, jus go out lor.. he holds the longest record for kissing me, abt 1/2 an hour.. scary rite?? anyway it doesn work to anything..

Went on to uni.. had a great OG, have alot of good friends.. had a small crash on spencer, but also came to nothing lah.. he was more interested in the mei nvs.. while in uni, i worked at pacnet roadshows.. over them, met vincent.. he was like super cute.. we talked, exchanged numbers then went out a couple of times.. at that time both me and yingzhi liked him alot.. but yingzhi chose to step out.. so i went all out and let him know that i like him.. so we got together.. didnt last for long though, was only together for half a year.. but still he's my very first Boyfriend. We had alot of problems, alot of differences.. and i really didnt know how to handle a relationship at that point of time.. i was still young, 19 only, he was 24.. he doesn know how to guide me and things went off a bad footing and was bad from then on..

While i was still with Vincent, i met Darren online.. he found me on ICQ, his nick being puppydogeyes.. turned out we were coursemates (both of us are in Arts and doing Econs) and we have a common lecture.. so we met up and went out.. at that time, i was going out with alot of net friends, all guys, coz vincent wasn't giving me any attention.. many a times i feel that i dun mean a thing to him.. so i start going out with other guys, tryin to spite him.. but but but.. i started to get very close to Darren.. we have alot of common topic, we are on the same frequency and can feel that he cares alot abt me.. the first time we met, he picked me up from school and we went over to pasta fresca over at suntec for dinner.. he was charming and it was great to find someone who enjoys good food.. then another time we went over to Xiao Gui Ling at nite to talk.. and i started crying when we talked abt my relationship with Vincent.. (darren was initially planning jus to fool around with me, jus wanted to have fun then fuck off.. but it was then over at xiao gui ling when he realised that he really fell for me.. ).. the crucial day.. Vincent stood me up, i was so angry and upset that i called darren up.. he rushed down from malaysia (he was there with his friends) to come pick me up and we stayed out the whole nite.. from then on, vincent is really over (though it was vincent who eventually broke up with me)..

Me and darren had a very good near 4 years together.. we dated for quite awhile after i broke up with vincent, for almost 3 months before we really got together on 1st june 2001.. i was very happy with darren.. he'll come pick me up from school, send me home and we'll go riding everywhere.. from super4 to zx6r.. we had alot of good times.. we have our share of fights.. fight over silly things, fight over major things.. but we always fought and made up.. coz i always give in to him.. i give in to him alot... he doesn like me to wear revealing clothes, so i stopped wearing my short skirts.. he doesn like me to talk to guys, so i stopped talking to my guy friends, start to see less and less of my friends.. i dun blame him for all those, those were choices that i made, coz at that time, i really rather be with him.. i rather spend all my time with him than going out with my friends.. we see each other everyday while we were still in uni.. we meet in sch almost everyday, even if we dun have sch, we'll meet to go out.. i practically see him everyday then..

Then we grad in 2003, i started work right after graduation, and he found a job only 6 months later.. so for that 6 months, he would send me to work and fetch me home.. not everyday but on most days :) really felt very loved and pampered then.. But he started work and we started to have less and less time for each other.. we stopped meeting as much as before, till as little as 2 times a week.. things started changing and everything changed..

Then last year in december, Jason called me, called to talk, coz once again he have his relationship problems.. he liked this girl alot, but then she thinks that he's too good for her and things like that.. so troubled jason called me.. he was drunk the day he called me.. talked alot.. tried to get his mind off the girl but making fun of myself and etc.. still remembered he msged me the next day to ask if he said anything weird the day before.. it was really funny.. while talking.. he went on like, he jus wanted to simple relationship, to have a nice and sweet girl to settle down with.. then he said things like why cant he meet someone like me.. i dun remember how, but somehow he became my parttime boyfriend.. i was like, no harm mah, since i'm single at that time..

On the 20th Jan 2005, we met up.. went for movies and things sparked off... i haven really spent time alone with Jason before, always go out in a group, or at least with yingzhi aruond.. that was the first time we were out alone.. he met me over at woodlands mrt and then we went down to cineleisure and got tickets for kungfu.. during the trip down and in the cinema, we actually sat quite close together and things felt quite rite.. it was comfortable to be with him..later on, we went over to shaw to catch Aviator.. he was very enthu to catch another show after Kungfu, so i was like, ok lor, since the next day was a public holiday.. Aviator was a super boring show.. dunno what the heck it was showing.. then since we were in the cinema and since he was my part-time bf plus it was a midnite show.. i was tired already.. so i held on to his arms and leant on him.. he started sitting closer and then he turned around and looked at me.. we kissed.. initially it doesn feel like much, to me it was jus kissing, but the more we kissed, the more right it felt.. i've always liked this guy, why not give it a chance.. After the show ended, we walked over to esplanade to talk.. at that time, he already fell head over heels for me.. it was fast, but i could tell he was serious.. but i wasnt ready, my wounds are still raw, i cant jus go into something else jus like that.. so i only upgrade him to contract bf.. hee.. we talked and talked.. and soon morning came and we took the first train back to my place.. we took 912, went one big round and saw the lovely sunrise..

We started dating, going out hand in hands.. i was still tryin to decide if i shld go for it.. in the end, i realised that there is nothing much to consider afterall, Jason was good to me, in fact, very very good to me, so why should i hesitate.. and so he upgraded from contract to perm.. at this moment, we're together for almost 4 months already.. very very happy together..

anyway since graduation, i've worked at OCBC, HSBC and now Citibank.. all banks, think i'm gonna be stuck here already.. oh wellz...

time to end liao.. think this is a super duper long post :p

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