Friday, May 20, 2005

miss school..

Jus browsing thru someone's blog, and i realise jus how much i miss school.. she's also from arts, last sem already.. i miss arts, all the times that i've spent there, with my friends, alone..

Arts is a funny place, there are many blocks, AS1-AS7 (i think.. ) all are sorta interlinked, but if u're a newbie, beware, many a times, i can be on the 3rd floor at AS1, then crossing a small path, i'll be on the 1st floor at AS3?! it confused me alot when i jus got there, i could never seem to find the classrooms.. and i still dunno where most of them are when i was in my final year.. still.. it's fun going all over the place trying to hunt for the right room.. and the tutors are all very tolerant of late comers, coz they also know how confusing the place can be..

Fav hangout in Arts have to be the canteen and AS7.. always at the blue seats with green tables (or is it the other way round??) at the far end of the canteen.. the place with a seaview (if u look careful enough), also the place with the best breeze (all the rest of the canteen is like suana).. love the view.. as for AS7, coz it's aircon mah.. so during hot days, or basically everytime where i have breaks, will go there to sit and chill.. sometimes to do my readings, other times to sleep.. hee.. will jus park at any corner, then buy snacks and drinks and spend the afternoon there.. that's why always must wear jeans, coz how are u gonna sit on the floor wearing skirts?? Also that place have everything, toilet, water cooler, central location..

My lessons are mainly in AS4, coz that's the jap block, have all the AV labs where we have our listening lesson, then the normal tutorials in the new AS4 block.. ICM lessons are pretty scattered, but mainly around AS1 area, so i'm always near the canteen..

My most fav hangout in NUS have to be the forum.. i'm there everyday.. jus to sit, wait for him, wait for lesson to start, to read, to pple-watch, to stare into empty space.. used to like to sit in the garden next to the forum but always have pple around and weather is always changing.. so forum is the choice to be at.. really like to jus sit there alot.. sometimes with friends and sometimes jus by myself.. i dun mind sitting alone in the forum.. i dun feel lonely or awkward like if i'm alone in the canteen.. dunno why.. but i jus really like to sit there alot..

There's also this path where i like alot but think not many pple know abt it or bothers abt it.. it's the link from Arts over to YIH then over to Science.. it's this long long path where u gotta go up and down (NUS is built on a hill, what a silly thing to do.. ), when i have time on hand and lessons at Science, i'll walk over.. i like the walk alot coz it's surrounded by forests.. u cant hear the cars and not much pple walk there.. u can hear the birds and the bees.. smell the flowers and see the butterflies.. really very nice and relaxing walk.. not many pple appreciate it.. when they walk past, they jus walk past, without noticing all the pretty things around them...

I miss being an undergrad.. i'm one of those pple who actually like to study.. i like to learn, learn new things everyday.. never really liked to study till yr 2 in uni when i discovered that it feels so good to learn things that i wan to learn, instead of silly things like maths and accounts which have nothing to do with my existance.. i really enjoyed myself when i'm in my last few sems, always very busy, but i feel so smart then, feel like i'm actually doing something and making a difference.. I like to know alot of things.. i like to know more things than the people around me.. feel so deprived nowadays, where i dun have the time or the energy to go look for a interesting book, no time to watch my documentaries and learn all the new things..

I miss school.. i miss the days where life was simple.. lectures, tutorial, assignments and exams.. all very simple and so much more interesting than working.. working is doin the same thing over and over again, day in day out without learning anything new or constructive..

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